Tools for remote work in TamTam

The TamTam team has written this article from home. Since we literally work in the messenger, we can tell you about the secrets of using TamTam for remote work.
Tools for remote work in TamTam


Create a separate chat in TamTam for each project. Use proper keywords to name a chat. This will help your team to quickly find the chat among dozens of others. Add important project information, links to documents and profiles of those in charge to a chat description.


The more chats a colleague has, the fewer notifications turned on for them. To draw attention to your message, mention persons from whom you expect an answer. In this case they will get a notification even if a chat is muted. Also use replies, it makes chat navigation easier.


Use channels to inform the team. Add hashtags to messages, this will help filter messages by main topics. If several administrators post to the channel, enable the “Sign messages” setting. That way, you will see who the author of the message in the channel is.


If the chat discussion has dragged on, schedule a call. Recently, group calls have also appeared in TamTam. Select “Audio call” or “Video call” in the chat menu and enjoy hearing and seeing the whole team.

Pinned messages

To follow up a call, post a message with key results and pin it. Use the pin with a notification, so you can draw the attention of the team to the message.

Data storage

How to get unlimited space in the cloud for free? Create a channel in TamTam just for yourself and send files there. The maximum attachment size is 2 GB. You can create as many channels in TamTam as you want. For example, you can collect information on various topics in this way. If you need to share data, set up a private link for the channel or add colleagues to it.

Constructor bots

You can add buttons to messages using constructor bots in TamTam. The @reactions bot adds 👍 👎 💪 🔥 💩 reactions to a message. This can help to ask feedback about your idea, for example. You can add other buttons to the message, like “Done”. So you can set tasks for colleagues and track their progress. To do this, select “Custom reactions” while creating a message with @reactions bot. Another constructor bot, @comments, adds a “Discuss” button to posts. It helps to discuss posts in channels. We talked more about constructors on the @constructor channel.

Place to relax

To prevent colleagues from feeling demotivated while in isolation, create a non-working chat where you can officially send memes about the coronavirus and funny kitten videos. Plan flash mobs in this chat. For example, the TamTam team shares photos of their home working desks. And you can organize a corporate video party using a group call in the chat.

It’s important not to confuse remote work with vacation. Stay in touch with the team in TamTam and do your job. We can do this!