New web TamTam on Endorphin

The New TamTam Web has launched. We created an update using our own library named Endorphin.

A messenger app needs to display instantly hundreds of small changes as smoothly as possible. That’s why we’ve created Endorphin, a library that can quickly redraw a huge number of elements on the screen without performance sacrifices. Today we released an updated TamTam web using this technology.

It’s fast on a slow internet connection

TamTam will work fast and smooth at the airport or a crowded cafe. Launching TamTam and Switching between chats won’t take too long even on the slowest internet connection.

Uses fewer resources

The new TamTam uses less RAM and is more friendly to “older” computers. This means your laptop will withstand a couple of presentations and another episode of your favorite show.

Attachments editing support

We launched attachments editing for a sent messages on Android and iOS earlier. Now the web version supports it too.

TamTam web also supports the latest emojis, including skin color choice, and has got new icons and an improved smooth interface. More is coming with the next update. Our support team is waiting for your feedback on