Edit your message attachments with TamTam

Have you ever felt embarrassed after sending a message?🙈 Deleting it will be a fast answer. But we believe there should be a more flexible way. That’s why you can now also edit your message attachments in TamTam.

The latest TamTam for Android release allows to change anything in a sent message:

  • Update text
  • Replace one or several photos
  • Cut a photo
  • Add text to a gallery
  • Replace a photo with a video and vice versa
  • Combine photos and videos in a gallery and then change your mind, there’s nothing wrong with that!

This will be helpful for your TamTam channel posts as well. If you have added the wrong photo to a gallery while posting in a channel, it’s an easy fix in just a few clicks. Much better compared to deleting a post and posting a new one.

You can also edit any post in a channel, no matter how old it is. However, there is a 24 hour time limit for editing chats.

This feature is coming soon to TamTam on iOS and web.