Share your location in TamTam

We have added location requesting to the latest TamTam release. So, where is everybody? Let’s see how to check it in TamTam.

Imagine you made an appointment, arrived on time, but your friend is not here. Normally you’ll start playing a waiting game and sending messages like “Where are you?”. After 5 messages a friend sends an answer “Coming”. Ohhhh….

Especially for those who love accuracy, we have added a new feature. Instead of waiting for undefined responses, request a location by clicking on the menu at the top of the dialog. The text “Where are you?” will be added to the request by default, but you can change it to any other.

Your friend needs to press only one button and you’ll see his/hers location. Nice and easy.

Imagine you are discussing a Friday night in a chat with your friends and you need to know if they are already nearby. Time to ask “Where are you?” in the chat. All your friends in the chat will be able to share their location by answering this request.

Before sharing a location for a first time, TamTam will ask a permission to use location services. Your location will be determined once, as soon as you share it. It won’t be tracked in the background, we respect your privacy.

We are cooking new location based services for you right now, stay tuned!