TamTam launches @mentions

We work in messengers nowadays. For example, the TamTam team discusses releases in TamTam chats and we use a bot for ordering food. For each participant, this means dozens of chats and multiple notifications every minute, not all of which are addressed to them. Today we are launching @mentions - a tool for notifying chat members in TamTam.

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Live location sharing in TamTam

During the course of 2019, we launched 2 geo-services in TamTam; location sharing and a “Where are you?” feature. We decided it’s time to go to another level; now you can share your live location in real time.

Live location sharing
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Adding comments to a post on TamTam

Imagine you created a daring and controversial post on a hot topic, sent it to the channel and got no reaction at all. Or in a group chat with co-workers, a colleague shared a bad joke and you’ve now got twenty fresh memes to scroll through instead of working on a big task from the boss. That’s why we created the comment function.

Конкурс разработчиков ботов продлен
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Edit your message attachments with TamTam

Have you ever felt embarrassed after sending a message?🙈 Deleting it will be a fast answer. But we believe there should be a more flexible way. That’s why you can now also edit your message attachments in TamTam.

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2018 year in review

2018 year in review tamtam

At the end of the year, it’s time to look back and sum up. It was a very interesting year for TamTam, we’ve got it all: new launches, rapid growth and recessions, and lots of very different reviews. Here is some facts about TamTam in 2018th…

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New TamTam navigation

Have you ever been lost in too many chats in your messenger? Yep, we’ve been there. Meet our new features to help you navigate in TamTam easily.

Recent searches
The new navigation menu on Android
Quality or speed?
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